Overseas brand sales business and business manager

Number of recruits:Several names
Salary package:2名
Work place:Shenzhen Bao'an manhole
Release date:2021-08-26
Valid period:
Resume delivery:hr@xinspower.com(HR)

Job requirements:

1. Be responsible for the formulation, implementation and completion of international market sales objectives of consumer charger products.

2. Lead the brand sales planning, product promotion and channel sales of consumer charger products in the international market;

3. Target customer development, brand business introduction, public relations, target customers and achieve sales objectives;

4. Team formation and management

5. Assist the general manager in formulating international brand sales strategy, planning brand sales and promotion channels in the international market, publicizing major target customers and completing team sales;

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above (major in international trade)

Experience: more than 3 years of overseas brand sales experience in consumer electronics; Working experience in the same position is preferred;

Charging foreign trade manager or national sales manager or above is preferred;

Strong customer public relations ability and sales brand planning ability; Overseas working background or overseas study experience is preferred;




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