Power development design engineer

Number of recruits:7
Salary package:面谈
Work place:Shenzhen Bao'an manhole
Release date:2021-08-18
Valid period:
Resume delivery:hr@xinspower.com(HR)
Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or related;

2. More than 5 years of adapter power R & D experience, able to independently design power supply below 100W;

3. Rich experience in EMC and temperature rise treatment;

4. Familiar with project R & D process, ERP and system operation;

5. Familiar with PCB layout, CAD and other office software;

6. Familiar with IC schemes, safety regulations, performance and cost of high-power circuit topology;

7. Familiar with electronic component specifications and functional characteristics

8. Device selection, cost analysis, schematic design, PCB design change and review.

9. Sample trial production, performance test and commissioning, import into production.

10. Assist production to solve quality and process problems, and provide sales technical support and after-sales problem solving for business.

11. New product development, new technology evaluation and introduction.

Job requirements:

1. Major in electronic technology, electromechanical automation and related, college degree or above, aged 25-45, unlimited gender and residence.

2. Have more than three years of practical R & D and design experience in switching power supply, power adapter and charger, be able to undertake project development and design independently, and be familiar with the relevant tests of switching power supply, power adapter and charger.

3. Master various circuit topologies of switching power supply, and have good ability to analyze and solve engineering technical problems.

4. Proficient in drawing with some PCB design software.

5. Strong sense of responsibility, good research spirit and sense of teamwork.

6. Experience in high power switching power supply design is preferred.




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