Production supervisor / Manager

Number of recruits:7
Salary package:面谈
Work place:Shenzhen Bao'an manhole
Release date:2021-08-18
Valid period:
 Job requirements:

1. Take charge of the overall work of the production department, organize and supervise the competent personnel of each production department to effectively complete the tasks within their scope of responsibility.

2. Be responsible for organizing the formulation, implementation, inspection, supervision and control of various management systems of the production department. Familiar with the whole process of switching power supply AI, SMT, plug-in, pcba, assembly and packaging

3. Be responsible for organizing production statistics and accounting.

4. Be responsible for the work objectives and work plans of each production department, and timely organize the implementation, guidance, coordination, inspection, supervision and control.

5. Be responsible for the business guidance and training of the competent personnel of the production department, and check, assess and compare their work.

Job requirements:

1. Be familiar with the production and operation management of switching power supply, power adapter and charger, and be able to preside over the production and operation. 3 years experience in power plant supervisor or manager;

2. Have good production management concept and ability of industrial enterprises

3. Strong ability of organization, coordination, decision-making and innovation.




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