Global Sources Electronics, April 2018

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The annual global resources Hong Kong spring electronics show opened again, and new Xinspower was very lucky to participate in the exhibition.Date: 4.11--4.14, our booth number: 6S02, 36 square meter, the major products are: PD power (18W, 30W and 45W, 65W), Qualcom3.0 quick charger(1USB, 2USB, 3USB, 5USB), various Smart charger (2USB, 3USB, 4USB,5USB)wireless charger (5W, 7.5W and 10 W), car charger (2USB, 4.8 A, etc.)Traditional power adapter. The appearance of PD products has attracted a great deal of attention, and the customers with inquiries and quotations have been in continuous flow. In 2018, the PD power supply will surely usher in the new peak of xinspower manufacturing.

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