Master control and solid technology become highlights - disassembly of xinspower 3-port qc3.0 power adapter

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The disassembled power adapter is a three USB port output (smart output x 2, qc3.0 output x 1) power adapter produced by Shenzhen Xinspower Technology Co.,Ltd 
Two smart, one QC3 0 interface. QC3. 0 interface is distinguished by green inner core  
Foldable mains socket, easy to carry out  
Ultrasonic welded top cover with inclined design  
QC output part, the maximum output power of the power supply is 18W, which is controlled by QC3 0 interface implementation  
After taking out the circuit, the most prominent is this huge copper heat sink  
The front and back of the power circuit are covered with a large area of copper heat sink, and the back patch elements are welded and arranged neatly  
The primary side main capacitor uses four 400V 15 micro methods in parallel, and the brand is from ACON  
Protection circuit and EMI circuit of mains power input part  
The power supply adopts two independent output modes, and the cost is slightly higher. Two smart interfaces share an independent power supply, QC3 0 interface monopolizes one channel of independent power output  
Blue y capacitor is mainly used to filter out high-frequency interference  

There is also a blue capacitor between the transformers, which is responsible for filtering QC3 High frequency interference of 0 output part

Rectifier bridge model abs210  

The power integrations inn2215k IC has a controller on the primary side and a power MOSFET on the primary side. The secondary side controller monitors the output voltage and current, feeds back the information to the primary according to the monitoring results, and carries out corresponding switching control, so as to achieve more accurate control of output voltage and current. It can provide a maximum output power of 22 W

Primary PWM.  
Primary MOS, model cm4n60c  
The output rectifier part of art interface adopts the integrated scheme of Anbao synchronous rectifier controller and MOS, model ob2001zcp    
Smart interface dual intelligent identification IC model 8306.  
QC3. 0 interface output synchronous rectifier MOS, from new power, model ncep0114as.      

QC3. 0 intelligent identification IC, from eosmem, Taiwan Xiwei, model nt6008b.

Use power-z to detect the modes supported by the two smart interfaces of this power supply, and support Apple protocol.    
Use power-z to detect this power QC3 The mode supported by the 0 interface is QC3 0 also supports QC2 0 agreement with apple.    
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