Foreign trade salesman

Number of recruits:7
Salary package:面谈
Work place:Shenzhen Bao'an manhole
Release date:2021-08-26
Valid period:
 Job requirements:

1. Be familiar with the operating rules of Alibaba international station platform and be able to complete order transactions independently.

2. Understand the keyword selection and setting skills, track and analyze the optimization results, and systematically analyze the website ranking and traffic clicks.

3. Be familiar with network marketing and formulate network marketing plan according to operation objectives.

4. Actively develop customers and regularly contact and track customers.

5. Be able to use PS for simple image processing is preferred.

Note: excellent fresh students are acceptable, and foreign trade majors are better.

Job requirements:

1. Working experience in relevant fields of foreign trade business (more than 1 year), foreign trade experience in switching power supply, power adapter and intelligent charger, multi port charger, mobile power supply and other electronic products is preferred;

2. College degree or above, proficient in computer use, responsible for the operation of Alibaba international station and carrying out foreign trade business.

3. Good English expression skills, understand the foreign trade process, be familiar with the basic etiquette of dealing with foreign customers, skillfully use office software, CET-4 or above, be able to handle English letters and telegrams and communicate with customers.




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