Sales Manager / Director of international marketing department

Number of recruits:2
Salary package:面谈
Work place:Shenzhen Bao'an manhole
Release date:2021-08-26
Valid period:

Job requirements:

More than 5 years working experience in international trade industry, experience in power adapter or charger is preferred, strong team management ability and execution ability, and can continuously improve work performance.

Unlimited men and women, cheerful personality. Have good communication skills, work carefully, have a strong sense of responsibility, dare to face work pressure and challenges, have a sense of development and innovation, and have a good team spirit.

Bachelor degree in foreign trade English, international trade or related majors, with good foreign trade correspondence and oral English.

Be proficient in written and oral communication with foreign customers, and be able to travel abroad independently. Can skillfully operate all kinds of office software.

Job requirements:

1. Independently develop and maintain foreign customers. Be responsible for providing timely and effective response and communication to customer inquiries, and converting inquiries into orders.

2. Be responsible for tracking and implementing the signed orders and solving the problems in the process of contract implementation in time. After the execution of each contract, the important documents related to the contract shall be sorted and filed in time.

3. Responsible for implementing the company's marketing plan, including B2B platform, international exhibitions, etc.

4. Update, maintain, operate and promote the company's website.

5. The company will provide high-quality and accurate customer information to ensure customer visits and improve signing performance;

6. Responsible for the management and promotion of the team. There is also much room for learning and improvement.

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